2. kittenteaparlor said: What is your favorite manga/anime besides Black Magic?

    Dear Employee 033112-06,

    I’ve asked the Visual Conditioning System™ attendants what this question meant, but no one could decipher it.

    The imagery displayed on the VCS™ broadcast can’t be discussed if that’s what you mean. Unfortunately I’ve been forced to issue you with an official company pink slip for bringing up classified information on a company memo. I apologize, but as CEO, I have to do things like this now.

    Have a pleasant day!

    Black Magic Incorporated: CEO Employee 000001-01 Linda S.Birkham


  3. samuraihacks said: Can I be the CEO?

    Dear Employee 003445-01,

    Impossible. You do not posses the [REDACTED] gene as Miss Birkham does.

    Have a nice day!

    -Black Magic Incorporated: 7th Floor BMB™ Attendee, Employee 022114-07 F. Peters


  4. sankiddo said: not a question I Love this blog, uggggg!!!

    Dear Employee 008172-03,

    We thank you for your enthusiasm for the Black Magic Visual Conditioning System™. However the end of your message:


    Has lead the 32nd floor’s medical team to believe your mind was assaulted by the [REDACTED] being held prisoner in the cell block of B34 beneath the building, virtually rendering your mind a nuclear time bomb. We are sending an Assault & Reclaim Team™ to your location immediately.

    Have a pleasant day!

    -Black Magic Incorporated: 7th Floor Security Advisor Employee 001229-02 D.Turner

  5. Dear Employees,

    We thank you for keeping Black Magic Incorporated running smoothly during these turbulent times. Ever since the untimely death of former CEO [REDACTED], our staff have been working even harder to keep the [REDACTED] from entering our atmosphere.

    We would like to announce that Employee 003321-01, Linda Birkham, has been promoted to CEO of Black Magic Incorporated. Her induction ceremony will take place in the west wing auditorium on the 60th floor at 0800 tomorrow.

    We would also like to use this opportunity to announce that our new CEO would like to move Black Magic Incorporated into a more Employee-Employer friendly environment. Against the wishes of the board, CEO Linda Birkham will answer comment and question slips deposited in the Black Magic Box™ that are directed at her personally.

    Have a pleasant day!

    -Black Magic Incorporated: 60th Floor Announcement Advisor Employee 000227-05 G.Farnese


  15. mojutmnt said: What is the name of the first track on your profile? It's nice.

    Dear Employee 000241-02,

    The Audio accompaniment featured on the Visual Conditioning System™ is as follows:

    • Side A: Get Got (Instrumental) By Death Grips
    • Side B: Everybody Wants to Rule the World By Tears for Fears

    Side A and B will be altered this month on schedule. For any more inquiries or suggestions on the Audio Accompaniment featured on the VCS™, please enter a comment card in the Black Magic Box™ near the Cafeteria entrance.

    Have a pleasant day!

    -Black Magic Incorporated: Employee 020337-08 7th Floor VCS AA Technician H.Bailey